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There Is No Such Thing As ‘Slut’s Remorse’ Because False Rape Allegations Rarely Happen

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False Rape Allegations Against MenIn an article this morning from Breitbart London, writer MIilo Yiannopoulos attempts to make the argument that :

Some people, however, decide to exact revenge on their sexual partners, sometimes in retaliation for their own poor choices, sometimes for a variety of other, peculiar psychological reasons. It’s what I call “slut’s remorse,” and it’s the reason we need to keep the names of rape suspects a secret until they are charged.


And uses two recent examples in the news, that of British member of Parliament Nigel Evans and Oxford Union president Ben Sullivan, who have been been cleared of charges of sexual assault. In the time it took me to write this last paragraph, another person has fallen victim to rape, which is why Milo and his argument about a slut’s remorse is a falsehood, a way of attempting to put a “catchy spin” on a phenomenon that happens so rarely that it isn’t even a phenomenon – that of a false allegation of rape. Do false allegation of rape occur? Yes. Very, very rarely. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center states that the rate of false reporting for sexual assault is in the range of 2-8%. Compare this to low estimate of the number of women raped each year in the United States as reported by the Department Of Justice, which is 300,000. Add in the percentage of rapes not reported, which is 54 percent. All this does is remind me of George Will and his article about the special privilege afforded to rape victims. Just another man attempting to make headlines by derailing the conversations about rape to focus on the way men are somehow victimized by the actual crime of rape, which is bizarre considering that rape doesn’t just affect women, with 1 in 33 men also being victims or attempted victims of rape.

Yiannopoulos says :

But it’s time to start protecting the men whose lives are destroyed because a misunderstanding turned into malice, because they forgot to text back, or because they simply moved on to someone else. We laugh about women scorned, but it’s no laughing matter when a man is burned so badly he spends a decade trying to put his life back together, all through no fault of his own.


I’m glad he wants to focus on that incredibly minuscule demographic of men who are falsely accused of rape. He can spend all his time and energy with his rallying cry about slut’s remorse and how mens lives are ruined by these false allegations, and ignore the fact that just recently another woman, this time in Pakistan (and keep in mind this just happened with two teenagers in India) was just discovered gang raped and murdered. He may want to check the statistics about how vicious crimes like this are far more likely to occur then men being falsely accused of rape.

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