Teacher Sends Daughter To Work In Her Place, Is Somehow Surprised When People Notice

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shutterstock_211496008A would-be Bond villain was arrested this week for allegedly impersonating a substitute teacher after a class of fifth graders reported that a strange lady was standing at the front of the classroom trying to teach them.

According to USA Today, the Riverside Elementary School in Flint, Michigan, intended to book a 44-year-old substitute teacher who was certified as an approved substitute teacher to come teach a fifth-grade class for the day. But the woman who showed up was a 24-year-old who was not actually an approved substitute.

The woman was reportedly asked for identification when she got to the building, and she allegedly showed a driver’s license belonging to the approved teacher, who was her mother. It’s sort of like using your mom’s Costco card, but with other people’s children instead of very large tubs of peanuts. While the fake teacher was only in the classroom for about 10 minutes, according to the school, Riverside parents were reportedly horrified when they received news that a person had gotten into their kids’ classroom and pretended to be a teacher.

The woman was in the classroom for just long enough to take attendance and send the kids off to P.E. class, the school says. By 10 a.m. she had been unmasked, and police came to question her.

The woman eventually confessed to being the daughter of the real substitute. The mother had an appointment that day that she wanted to keep, but they wanted the money for the day of teaching, so the daughter thought she would teach in her mother’s place. It turns out that is a terrible, terrible idea, because both mother and daughter have been arrested for fraud.

This was a terrible idea on the mother’s part, because not only did she decide to commit fraud by sending someone in her place, she got her daughter involved and now they both face a potential criminal record. That’s poor judgment for any mother, especially one whose whole job is educating children.

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