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Woman Fakes Quintuplet Pregnancy Because The Internet Is Filled With Lies

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fake quintuplet pregnancy nurseryA Canadian woman has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after it was discovered that her alleged quintuplet pregnancy was actually total bullshit. The woman has only been identified as Barbara, and according to news reports she originally told her boyfriend that she was pregnant with twins, then triplets and then quadruplets before finally settling on quintuplets. She also reportedly scammed people out of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts for the pretend babies. Because of course she did. 

Obviously, since this is the Internet age, Barbara at some point put up a Facebook page to document what was thought to be an unusual pregnancy and to look for free shit donations. Of course this  would have been totally reasonable if her pregnancy was legit, because babies are expensive as hell.

Fake quintuplet pregnancy

Barbara’s story began to unravel this week  when hospital blood tests showed that she hadn’t been pregnant with even one baby, let alone quintuplets..Her boyfriend, Paul, was reportedly heartbroken and has since broken up with her. According to the Facebook page:

“Hello everyone, I re-opened the site on behalf of Paul, the family and friends who have been involuntarily involved in this story. primary purpose is to trace the people who gave things. Paul deliver everything that was handed to him over all that Paul has purchased new will be given to organizations in the region. Also I want to point out that Paul’s knowledge has only received 3 $ 0 money and it came from the family. For those who wonder how Paul did not realize anything I ask you to do a google on (phantom pregnancy) Also I want to say that Barbara is also passed to a nurse and had access to test and echoes it could then Paul has shown. she even cheated at least one other man in 2010 with the same story. It swelled like a pregnant woman pictures will be published. This morning Paul went to the hospital believing finally see her 4 babies instead there was a team of doctors who waited and did a blood test and announced the news to Paul. It is completely torn, he not only loses someone he had fallen in love with but 4 babies was his joie de vivre. Barbara is currently under evaluation, Paul immediately left the hospital and cut all ties with her. I ask you to keep the respect in your comments positive and kept insult or non-compliance will be removed .. The site will be open for about 1-2 weeks to trace all who gave. Also if you have any questions we will try to respond the extent possible. We are currently overwhelmed and respond as soon as possible. Thank you to all”

The various reports that I’ve read aren’t entirely clear on whether or not Barbara was purposely trying to scam people, but faking a quintuplet pregnancy in order to get free diapers and baby clothes, (and of course cold, hard cash) seems a little extreme to me. Especially considering that it was bound to come out eventually. But the fact that she doctored previous tests to fool her boyfriend and allegedly tried this same stunt with another dude does seems a little fishy, so I think the jury is still out.

I think the lesson here should be…don’t believe everything you see on Facebook? I thought we were past that, but the dozens of individuals and business that donated to this woman with little more than her word that she was having ALL THE BABIES proves that we’re not.