Fake Baby Bumps Latest Craze In China

fake pregnancy bumpWhen I was pregnant with my first back in 2005, baby bumps were just starting to get big. (Get it?) No, really, celebrities like Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney were all pregnant back then, and sporting a bump was suddenly “fashionable.” I can even remember announcing to my boss that I was pregnant and her responding, “Hey, you’re right on trend!” (I think she was joking?)

Women have obviously been having babies forever (duh) but Hollywood moms are treated like royalty now more than ever before. Which perhaps explains why fake “baby bumps” or pregnancy bellies are all the rage in China. According to a report by Ecns.cn, they’ve been selling like hot cakes in the Chinese online market.

The bellies are made of silica gel, which is extremely lifelike in both texture and appearance, and they retail for anywhere from $80 to $250. They come in three sizes, the most popular one simulating the five- to seven-month pregnancy stage.

In October, there was speculation that Beyonce’s baby bump was fake following peculiar footage of it deflating during an Australian TV interview. (People swore it was a prosthetic.) But not everyone’s flocking to them for trickery. People’s Daily Online reports the bellies are being used for acting performances or for experiencing pregnancy (though I’m not really sure how a piece of gel would make you vomit for 12 weeks straight or pee 18 times during the night).

(Photo: odditycentral.com)

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