Faith Healing Couple Tries To Pray Their Child Healthy – It Doesn’t Work

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shutterstock_125069726__1369484073_142.196.156.251Some Pennsylvania parents who believe in “faith healing” will face murder charges for not treating their sick child. This is the second time a child of theirs has died under their care, and I’m wondering why these people are allowed to care for children at all.

From CNN:

Herbert and Catherine Shaible‘s son, Brandon, died April 18 from dehydration and bacterial pneumonia. But his death was ruled a homicide by the Philadelphia medical examiner’s office because the Shaibles — purportedly followers of a faith-healing doctrine — did not seek medical help for the sick infant, authorities said.

The couple admitted to police that their son was displaying signs of illness several days before his death. Instead of taking him to a doctor, they decided to pray for him.

The couple already was on probation after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of their 2-year-old son, Kent, who also died after the Shaibles refused to get medical attention as the child suffered bacterial pneumonia.

So, they killed another child via praying neglect in 2009 and were allowed to care for more children? How does this happen? A condition of their 10-year probation was that they seek medical help if any of their children falls ill. They obviously didn’t do that. Since they refused to follow probation orders, the state feels a murder charge is appropriate. I agree.

You’ve already lost one child to a totally treatable sickness – and you let the same thing happen all over again? Yes, I am judging you. I don’t understand the faith argument, I really don’t. Why is it that God invents everything in these people’s minds, but not treatments? I was having a conversation with a woman the other day who is “religiously opposed” to vaccinating her children. She kept referring to the idea that God makes things like measles and also makes ways for our bodies to immunize ourselves against it. I have no words. If God is responsible for measles and natural antibodies, why can’t he invent vaccinations, too? Why am I trying to place logic where logic doesn’t live? I need to just stop.

I appreciate that many have a strong faith – but these children weren’t given a choice. If you are going to play fast and loose with “God’s will” do it for yourself. Not another human being.

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