Possible Troll Blows Up Facebook With Epically Batty Anti-Boy Breastfeeding Rant

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fuckOn occasion, one of you amazing readers – and UPDATE- with her permission I am allowed to let you guys know the fabulous Valeri Jones sent this to me, because she knew I would be all too amused, yay Valeri and thank you darlink, you know I love the crazy stuff- will send me something so epically batshit that I feel the need to share it with the rest of the class. This is one of those times. Allow me to introduce you to Hailey who has some pretty batshit crazy awful horrifying bizarre  extreme views on parenting that she recently shared with The Facebook.


The reader also asked me to include this image, which I think is quite fitting.



I would also wish to add some of this:

We here at the Mommyish Offices think that good ‘ol Hailey may be a good ‘ol basement dwellin’ Cheetos eatin’ gamer-fuel swiggin’ troll of the troll variety, because we find it pretty difficult to believe this shiz is real. But that doesn’t mean we all can’t furrow our pretty little brows together and post WTF gifs over and over again about the whole thing.

Do you guys believe anyone could hold any viewpoint this bizarre? It’s the most bizarre ever. It’s like some sort of weird extreme man-hatey coupled with sanctimommy-level 189 power up bizarre.

But I guess nothing really surprises me, this is ‘mericuh after all and we all know there are a lot of weird parenting notions out there.


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