Attachment Parents Really Think They Are Doing It Better Than Everyone Else

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In the next scene, her aunt, an ER nurse, tries to talk some sense into her anti-vaxx nonsense head, by assuring her that once you’ve seen a child who needs to be intubated because they had chicken pox in their throat and couldn’t breathe – you might change your idea about how “harmless” the disease is. Christian just keeps insisting that it’s how it went down in the good old days, so why progress? Fuck science, am I right? Why skip a potentially debilitating disease by receiving a harmless immunization when you can have a chicken pox party and infect the whole neighborhood? Fun!

What about polio and whooping cough? She has no answer for why she’s avoiding those vaccines. It’s a “no brainer” for her husband. They’re “trying to avoid the carcinogens” in vaccines. They don’t think they’re safe.

The episode continues with Christian leading a breastfeeding awareness fair and judging her friend Bethany more. “I’m not going to say that I love my daughter more than anyone else loves their child BUT… this little human being has changed everything about me and I’m living an awesome life. I wish Bethany could experience that, you know?” Bethany is experiencing that, you idiot. She doesn’t love her child any less because she puts a diaper on her and vaccinates. Christian manages to guilt her now crying friend Bethany again, by implying she’s less than for not breastfeeding her child. Ew. Christian basically claims she opened her own business so that she could constantly be near her child and breastfeed on demand and implies that Bethany could have done the same thing. Ugh.

There is a moment of hope that her aunt’s speech in the nail salon got into her thick head, but when she discusses vaccinating and the possibility of taking her 16-month-old to a chicken pox party, her husband acts like that’s the best idea, ever. Then her husband says they’re going to do things in an “educated” way. I guess a degree from Dr. Google is “educated” in his world. He has no problem exposing his child to chicken pox. The couple then does a Skype chat with two women who are not doctors and takes their singular anecdotes to confirm that chicken pox is safe.

The episode ends with a positive pregnancy test and another huge glass of wine poured for me. These people are the worst.

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