Explain Vocabulary To Your Kid With Star Trek Images

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The Star Trek Book of Opposites by David Borgenicht, I believe is one of those books that is for toddlers as well as grownups — or in this case, avid Star Trek fans. The picture book presents concepts and vocabulary words with still shots from the television series. The author is said to have attended his first Star Trek convention when he was nine years old.

The Mary Sue quotes the pitch for the book as reading:

Is your child exploring strange new words? Or are you simply a Trekkie who needs a goofy gift for a fellow-fan friend? The Star Trek Book of Opposites will transport you together to an exciting voyage of silly educational fun, pairing colorful photographs of Star Trek’s classic heroes and aliens to introduce the concept of opposites through immediate visual humor.

With the help of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, you can teach children the meaning of happy and sad, open and closed, apart and together, and much more. With a hip, up-market design sensibility, The Star Trek Book of Opposites will make a great kitschy gift for Trekkies of all ages.

The images are certainly enough to make you laugh, but perhaps they also arresting enough to educate the kid too.