10 Bad Ass Baby Shoes That Are An Adorable Waste Of Money

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If you bought shoes for your baby, you probably shouldn’t tell anyone about it. As your baby wears these adorable shoes without actually walking on them down the street, and you get compliments from passers-by, you can just lie and say that someone bought them for you as a baby shower gift. You would never be that frivolous and reckless, never.

No one in their right mind spends cash money on baby shoes. Babies can’t even walk, and their feet are really fat. Once you stuff their little sausage foot into a super adorable shoe, they’ll probably kick it off in a fit of rage 0.5 seconds later. Not to mention the fact that baby shoes cost some exorbitant price, like 20 bucks or even 60 bucks for a baby that will literally never walk in them. In short, baby shoes are the most ridiculous and lucrative prank that has ever been played on new parents.

With that being said, you probably have a closet full of baby shoes. You probably bought the majority of them yourself from Baby Gap like a chump or got them for a “steal” on eBay. Remember, don’t tell anyone that you spent half your paycheck on baby shoes. Just stuff your baby’s sausage feet into them and blame it on a loving grandma, and no one will be the wiser.

Baby shoes are cute and totally RIDIC. Here are 10 of the best baby shoes that money should never buy:

1. This Lacey Ridiculousness.

shoe12. These Elaborate Leather Booties.

shoe23. Too Much This.

shoe34. Beautiful Bows = Hours Of Stress.

shoe45. Enough With The Rhinestones Already.

shoe56. Baby Air Force Ones.

shoe67. Baby Dior.

shoe78. Baby Chanel.

shoe89. Liza Minnelli Trapped In A Baby’s Body.

shoe910. Baby Boots With The Fur.


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