Heartbreaking: Expectant Parents Killed On The Way To Hospital, Baby Survives

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shutterstock_121396288There never seems to be a shortage of heartbreaking news in the world. This morning in Brooklyn, New York, there was a pair of young, expectant parents killed when a car service transporting a the couple to the hospital was struck by another vehicle. The young parents were killed. The child survived.

The accident occurred shortly after midnight on Sunday. The driver of the BMW that hit the livery cab and a passenger in the BMW both fled on foot. Unbelievable. Assuming the car wasn’t stolen, they’ll be found pretty easily. How could you possibly flee from such a horrifying scene?

The victims, Nathan Glauber and Raizi Glauber were both 21 years old. Friend’s of Mrs. Glauber’s parents said the baby was to be the couple’s first child.

We hear so many anecdotes about the frenzied couple rushing to the hospital. There are just as many anecdotes that exist about “dangerous” cab drivers in Brooklyn. These both had nothing to do with this scenario, as all reports point fault at the BMW. The idea that a couple could be anxiously heading to meet the little being that will shape their new life as a family one minute – and laying dead in a hospital the next is just too much to bear.

The couple were members of the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, who are making sure the child has access to resources to get the medical attention he needs. The infant is currently listed in serious condition at Bellevue Hospital as is the cab’s driver.

As someone who is seven months pregnant, I feel at a loss for words for this whole situation. So much time is spent focusing on the little baby growing inside of you, making sure you are healthy and getting the care you need for yourself and your child. I think most expectant parents are so focused on the well being of their child, they probably never even fathom that something could happen to them. My heart breaks for these young parents who never got the chance to see their baby’s face – and for a baby that will never know his parents.

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