This Dad’s Exorcism-Themed Christening Invitation Probably Got Him Into a Lot of Trouble

Babies have a lot of milestones worth celebrating. Sometimes, all of those celebrations can get a little…dull. So can you really blame a dad for wanting to spice up his daughter’s christening invitation? He just wanted to make things more interesting! Unfortunately, someone in his life didn’t think a christening was the appropriate place to get creative. Luckily, screenshots are forever.

The internet was first introduced to Eoin Conroy’s inventive Christening invitation by his cousin, Twitter user Ste.

Ste posted a screenshot of Eoin’s original invitation to his daughter Saoirse’s “exorcism.”

The power of Christ compels you!
Image: Twitter / @notstelfc

“Come join us as a man in a sheet throws a bitta water over Saoirse and expels the demons that inhabit her soul,” the invitation read. That sounds like a pretty cool event, honestly. The picture is especially perfect – what good is having photos of our kids where they look possessed if we can’t use them?

Unfortunately for our man Eoin, this version of the invitation didn’t last long. As his cousin Ste surmised, Eoin “clearly got a bollocking from either his girlfriend or his Mam,” over the exorcism invitation. A few minutes after the first event notice went out, Eoin sent out a new one.

The revised invite was a little more appropriate for the occasion.

this is a more dignified christening invitation
Image: Twitter / @notstelfc

“Come join us for Saoirse’s special day, as she gets christened in a very serious and real ceremony.”

LOL! That’s definitely a sweeter picture of wee Saoirse, although this christening invitation isn’t quite as exciting as the original.

Take heart, Eoin: you’ll still get to renounce Satan at the christening.

(Image: Twitter / @notstelfc)

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