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Letter From A Mommyish Reader: This Is Some Mean Girls Action Right Here

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tumblr_lgwsiwJYRY1qh4nb5o1_500This message just came across our Facebook inbox and I wanted to share with you guys here, so we can all commiserate and offer advice to this Mom after what her poor kid was subjected to by one of her classmates. Ugh.

Hi. Just need to vent here.

My daughter is in 7th grade and the Bar & Bat Mitzvahs are starting. Last weekend was the first Bat, which my daughter was not invited to. She was very upset, not because she likes the girl, but because her two BFFs were invited along with more than half of the 7th grade. So my husband and I tried to keep her mind off it as much as possible.

She goes to school on Monday to see that kids are wearing sweatshirts that were given out at the party – okay, pretty corny – but these sweatshirts had the names of every kid invited printed on the back. So the “losers” who weren’t invited get to feel even more excluded.

Is it just me being overly sensitive, or is that a really fucked up thing to do? And her parents obviously thought it was a great idea, too. I feel like going up to the mother and telling her what an asshole she is. Is it just me?

Thank you for letting me vent.


I will add my big fat opinion first. It was TOTALLY shitty and fucked up. I have a middle school kid and these are the Lord of The Flies years. It’s probably the hardest time for any kid in terms of self-esteem and peer pressure and wanting to fit in and feeling like they belong. It was just a classless move on the parent’s part. Giving them all sweatshirts was just a way to make the uninvited kids feel left out. Lame.

I have NO idea what can be done in this situation because what’s done is done, but I would almost think the school could send out a nicely worded letter suggest parents don’t pull stunts like these, especially because ALL it does is make the kids who were uninvited feel bad.

Now it’s up to you readers! What says you?

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