Excerpts From ‘The Sex Diaries Project’: The Secret Sex Lives Of Parents To Young Children

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The Editor Considering Walking out on Her Husband on Easter Weekend
40, Gloucester County, New Jersey

6:00 a.m.: Got about five hours of sleep before the kids woke up and wanted to check out their Easter baskets. Adorable.
12:54 p.m.: At my brother’s house. They did a great job with brunch and the Easter egg hunt, and they have a nice big house to hang out in—though every time we see them they are looking for a larger newer house. They are very into appearances. I feel like my mom passed that trait along to both of us. I try to fight it but I find myself feeling like what I have is inadequate.
1:58 p.m.: Find myself thinking about Duane. Maybe he’s just someone that will stay in my mind for years and pop up when I least expect it. I know deep down that we won’t be together unless one of us takes our children away from our spouse and moves, which I’m not willing to do and I know he’s not either.
10:15 p.m.: Just nicely turned Rich down for sex again. I need to have my emotional needs met before I can consider sex. It’s frustrating that there are things we need to work on, but his focus always seems to be sex. Why does that have to be such a big part of married life? Even when it’s really good, I still could do without it.
10:20 p.m.: I should say that I’ve explored plenty. I can say that being fairly attractive has given me more choices—I had boyfriends when my friends did not get asked out, so that might have helped my self-esteem. Though I recently found out that a guy I dated came out. Which was really surprising. Not that the sex was great—it was actu- ally not that good at all. I went back and looked at a bunch of roman- tic letters he wrote me, and a few were written on pink paper. In one he mentions the movie Beaches.

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