President Of ‘Ex-Gay’ Ministry Announces That He Is Closing His Anti-Gayifying Factory

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gay cake topperExodus International, a very large “ex-gay” ministry is having a change of heart in the ways of ex-gayifying. The president, Alan Chambers, has announced that the organization will be closing due to an epiphany that he and his church have done “wrong” by queer people and their families. Happy Pride month!

In a letter entitled “I Am Sorry” on Exodus’s website, Alan describes how has always striven to come “to a place of peace” in his ministry’s exploration of homosexuality. In his words, it is this ambition that lead him to finally realize that he has been in the wrong:

It is strange to be someone who has both been hurt by the church’s treatment of the LGBT community, and also to be someone who must apologize for being part of the very system of ignorance that perpetuated that hurt. Today it is as if I’ve just woken up to a greater sense of how painful it is to be a sinner in the hands of an angry church.

But Chambers elaborates that this apology to the LGBTQ community is not just from him, but his entire Church — whether they like it or not:

I realize some within the communities for which I apologize will say I don’t have the right, as one man, to do so on their behalf.  But if the Church is a body, with many members being connected to the whole, then I believe that what one of us does right we all do right, and what one of us does wrong we all do wrong. We have done wrong, and I stand with many others who now recognize the need to offer apologies and make things right.  I believe this apology – however imperfect – is what God the Father would have me do.

Considering the scary effects of “gay therapy” and the like on children, similar “ex-gay” practices for grownups can meet a smouldering demise for all I care. While adults are free to engage in whatever quack therapy they want, the discontinuation of such a big organization calls for nothing short of a fist pump for the many families who were no doubt poisoned by this drivel.

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