Evian’s Youth-Inspired Campaign Gets Literal

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Evian has a new campaign that promises youth and exuberance from drinking water with the slogan “live young.” But instead of opting for a young-looking blonde in a tight dress to convey energy and youthfulness, the company has decided on going even younger — infant younger. The new commercial features adults of all ages bouncing around in t-shirts that make them appear like babies. Lilit, an editor over at Crushable, observed that the commercial echoes Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White” video what with the white background and featured persons morphing into one another.

As refreshing as it may be to not see sexualized adolescent girls being touted as guardians of the fountain of youth, these little baby shirts seem creepy in an entirely different fashion. I do, however, appreciate the company’s aim at capturing the playfulness of youth as opposed to the more obvious advertising tactic of aligning youthfulness with sex appeal.

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