41 Everyday Scams That Are Tough To Avoid

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The biggest scam of them all: adulthood.

All throughout childhood and adolescence, we looked forward to growing up and being an adult. All the things we would do and buy and say and watch! The dreams we would realize and the mountains we would conquer! Couldn’t wait, to be honest. But then you become an adult and you realize VERY QUICKLY that this is a goshdarn scam. It’s never easy and rarely fun. It’s expensive and soul-sucking and stressful. All you do is work and pay bills and work some more to pay some more bills. Maybe have sex every once in a while and get tipsy off of one glass of red. Things hurt in the morning and you need supplements to sleep at night. Kids can’t wait to grow up, but meanwhile, we’re over here trying to figure out how to go back in time. Adulting: biggest scam of them all and one of the only everyday scams we cannot avoid, no matter how hard we try.

Some everyday scams are silly, some are far more serious. But good luck avoiding all of them!

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