41 Everyday Scams That Are Tough To Avoid

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The United States Education System

We’re all told that the only way to get a good job that will make us enough money to be comfortable as adults is by going to college. But there are a lot of things people don’t tell us about what an everyday scam the U.S. education system is. For example, how many people will tell you that the first two years of college are pretty much the exact same everywhere, from fancy four-year universities to community colleges (which are so much cheaper!)? How many people tell you that 60% of your college education will be spent on classes that have literally NOTHING to do with your chosen major (but classes you have to pay for anyway)? Then there are the statistics on how few people really use their college education for the jobs they take later in life. College in this country is not free, lots of people are doing it, and people are slammed with loans for decades trying to pay off classes that don’t really affect how well-versed they are in their industry.

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