41 Everyday Scams That Are Tough To Avoid

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The Healthcare Industry

Hopefully, one day soon, we’ll be able to look back at how the healthcare industry presently operates and be like, ‘LOL, that was crazy. How did we live like that?’ If we live that long, that is. Everyone needs health insurance. It’s a human right that’s currently treated as a privilege. You pay hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a month just to have health insurance. Not to use it, mind you! Just to … have it.

But then, god forbid, you need to use it. Only then do you find out that you have to pay thousands of dollars before anything is covered, you have to pay a portion of the sh*t that even is covered, and they can just cancel you at anytime. Oh, and because that’s not bad enough, you can’t get really sick because there’s a limit to how much money your policy will pay and you can’t get an accident in an area with an out-of-network hospital because you’ll be on the hook for basically the entire bill. Spending one night in the hospital alone (with out the cost of procedures, blood tests) can be upwards of $2,000… and you don’t even get a king-sized bed or streaming services on an HD TV. With prices like that, it should be better than the nicest hotel you’ve ever slept in.

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