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Everyday Hero: Cate Blanchett Knew We Needed a Win Today, So She Joined a Drag Show

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Cat pictures are the morphine for existential dread, but even they’re not working perfectly anymore. That’s why today I am grateful for goddess and hero Cate Blanchett who put on a silver bra and joined a drag show this week to lift the world’s spirits by lip-syncing to “You Don’t Own Me.”

According to Vulture, on Monday the Stonewall Inn in New York hosted a benefit performance for The Newtown Action Alliance, and Blanchett showed up to slay everyone in the audience in a black jacket open to the waist and a shiny silver bra covered in sequins. Blanchett lip-synced to Dusty Springfield’s cover of Leslie Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me,” which is a classic and a manifesto in any iteration.

Lip-syncing is a skill, and man, Blanchett can really hold a stage. You just can’t look away from her, even if you’re trying to google, “cheekbone contouring” and “Where can I buy a silver sequin bra?”

Then she came out again later, having added a pussy hat and swapped the silver bra for a black one, to supply backup to another performer singing Adele’s “Hello.”

Queen Cate Blanchett, first of her name, knew we all needed a win today, and she gave us this gift which will last forever in our memories, and in reminding us all to put “You Don’t Own Me” on our playlists and to stock up on some red lipstick for the next time we need to go out and kick some ass.

H/T Vulture