Every Day’s A Holiday. Today Is National Clean Up Your Room Day.

When I was growing up, every day was National Clean Up Your Room Day. But with the economy in the dumps, cutbacks have even hit this important holiday season and it’s now down to just one day a year: May 10.

So place that order for the industrial-sized dumpster. Do some creative rearranging of the untold organizing tools you purchased for way too much money at the Container Store. Or, you know, just change the sheets, pick the clothes up off the floor, clean out the closet, fill up the donation box. Make sure all the kids are celebrating, too.

The folks at NPR say they like the day because “We do it because we like finding books we forgot about in dusty corners.”

Yeah, well I do it because I like finding the meth labs under the beds. Whatever.

And if you and your family already keep super-tidy rooms, you can move onto the other holiday we mark today: National Shrimp Day.

(Photo: ThinkStock)

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