Evening Feeding: Who Doesn’t Want A Replica Of Their Fetus Encased In Resin?

3 bizarre pregnancy trends that give me the heebs. (The Stir)

A little girl “smokes” a candy cigarette on Toddlers & Tiaras. Cue freakout. (DoubleX)

Penelope Cruz: “Children aren’t a handbag!” (Celeb Baby Laundry)

7 ways to save on prescription drugs, even if you have insurance. (Parents.com)

My husband comes before my kids: Why I baby-proof my marriage. (YourTango)

The soapbox: On wishing rape upon rapists. (The Frisky)

Ask a debt collector. (The Hairpin)

Resist the urge to touch your hair, you might be creating more frizz. (YouBeauty)

Birth control may boost risk of carrying staph infection. (HuffPo Women)

Resenting the child you adopt — can this happen? (Babble)

(Photo: photobank.kiev.ua/Shutterstock)

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