Evening Feeding: Times Are Changing And Women Are Gaining Momentum

Male decline is no myth. (Double X)

Parents biggest concerns for their kids. (Parents.com)

8 precious babies flipping the bird. (The Stir)

Cameron Diaz is okay with not having children. (Celeb Baby Laundry)

10 ways to make time for family this fall. (YourTango)

The pros and cons of dating a divorced man. (The Frisky)

Scandals of classic Hollywood: The Gloria Swanson saga. (The Hairpin)

5 relationship rules you should be breaking. (YouBeauty)

How I went from 58 pounds & nearly dead to healthy, happy, and loving life. (HuffPo Women)

Kid licks NYC subway rail from end to end. (Babble)

(Photo: olly/Shutterstock)

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