Evening Feeding: Rage Against The Mom

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How to make your child’s tantrum work for you.  (Babble)

Amber Portwood’s daughter still doesn’t know her mom’s in jail.  (The Stir)

If you followed Jezebel‘s debate drinking game, you must be really thirsty.  (DoubleX)

Jessica Alba escapes the rain with daughter Haven.  (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Lessons in love from children with Downs Syndrome (Your Tango)

Anderson Cooper did not reveal he’s gay for ratings.  (The Frisky)

Fish oil pills are more than just pretty.  (The Hairpin)

Why women hate working for other women (though not me!). (YouBeauty)

Breast cancer research: what we’ve learned this year.  (HuffPo Women)

MmmBop! Taylor Hanson announces name of fifth child.  (

(photo: kondrytskyi / Shutterstock)