Evening Feeding: Perfect Parents Don’t Text But Don’t Hover Either

Forcing parents to stop using their phones at the playground won’t help kids.  (The Stir)

Heidi Klum is a soccer mom to Henry.  (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Connecticut senate race takes a lady-pandering turn.  (DoubleX)

Things killing feminism: Tiger Woods, Pinterest and women.  (The Frisky)

Choose a favorite child, for your health.  (The Hairpin)

L’Oreal giveaway:  triple power deep acting moisturizer.  (YouBeauty)

Help!  What to do if you are turning into your mother.  (YourTango)

Is pretend play overrated?  (Parents.com)

How would you feel about your son following you on Twitter? (Babble)

What some fake eyelashes are really hiding: suffering from a disease called trich.  (HuffPo Women)

(photo: Aleksandr Markin / Shutterstock)

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