Evening Feeding: It’s Not Just Free Contraceptives, It’s Free Breast Pumps

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Under the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act, health insurers will be required to pay for “comprehensive lactation support and counseling” (DoubleX)

Scientists believe that the reading difficulties of dyslexia are part of a problem with how the brain processes speech and puts together words from smaller units of sound (The New York Times)

Sexual assault and domestic violence can cause long-term mental damage in women (CNN)

Abortion poses “few risks” to health, says NHS website (The Guardian)

What makes you happy depends on your age (Livescience)

Barbie’s award-winning dream house (ShelterPop)

Jessica Alba doesn’t want more children (Celeb Baby Laundry)

What you didn’t know about breastfeeding (

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Bill introduced to forbid your pharmacist from denying you birth control (The Frisky)

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