Evening Feeding: I Don’t Want My Kids To Be Happy

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Tina Fey reveals why she’s afraid of moms on the Internet. (The Stir)

5 mistaken assumptions about long-term love. (YourTango)

Tips to keep kids healthy. (Parents.com)

The hoax exposer. (The Hairpin)

Allowing older siblings to name the baby: brilliant or insane? (Babble)

Seriously, the most insane surrogacy story you’ve ever heard. (The Frisky)

Leaving kids home alone- at what ages are they ready? (Money Crashers)

How these ads shape men’s attitudes about women. (Huffpo Women)

Kate Hudson: This is a great time in my life! I couldn’t be a prouder mommy. (Celeb Baby Laundry)

(photo: aza_za / Shutterstock)

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