Evening Feeding: Hawk Attacks 2-Year-Old Boy At Playground

Gives helicopter parents a good excuse for following their children around the park. (The Stir)

Moms now run New Hampshire. Here’s why they shouldn’t talk about being moms. (DoubleX)

Bryan Adams and Alicia Grimaldi are expecting baby number two. (Celeb Baby Scoop)

Potential malaria vaccine disappoints in new trial. (Parents.com)

Baby Fever: 3 kinds of obsessed pregnant women and how to deal. (YourTango)

Pat Robertson: Wait, women like porn?! (The Frisky)

My mom stole my identity and ruined my credit. (The Hairpin)

Ladies, get your game on. (YouBeauty)

The issue 1 in 10 couples argue over. (HuffPo Women)

Dear Daylight Savings Time, my baby and I hate you. (Babble)

(Photo: Stephen Mcsweeny/Shutterstock)

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