Evening Feeding: Football Practice In The Heat — Should Moms Worry Or Relax?

Football practice for the fall starts this week. Should mothers be worried about heatstroke? (TODAY)

A rare gene mutation may be the reason some people are born without fingerprints (Livescience)

Most kids raised in homes where illegal drugs were prepared appear to be in good health (Reuters)

“Sexually extravagant” birds have bum sperm (DoubleX)

Prevent kitchen clutter (ShelterPop)

Jennifer Lopez wins full custody of her twins (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Do you give too little or too much in relationships? (YourTango)

San Francisco smacks “crisis pregnancy centers” for misleading women about abortion (The Frisky)

Nine excerpts for the August 2011 issue of Vogue (The Hairpin)

Dirty flip-flop feet: prevent feet cooties! (YouBeauty)

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