Evening Feeding: Don’t Make Me Defend Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy’s wildly popular shtick is that of a devoted mom who’s unafraid of the big, mean medical establishment (DoubleX)

Child prodigies might owe their genius to autism (The Stir)

Adele to give birth in September (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Best family cars of the year (Parents.com)

10 movies that will instantly cheer you up (YourTango)

Mitt Romney speaks to the NAACP (The Frisky)

How to talk to your average 4-year-old (The Hairpin)

The truth about lead and lipstick (YouBeauty)

What we don’t tell our daughters about sex — and should (HuffPo Women)

The science of nesting (Babble)

(photo: PNP/ WENN.com)

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