Evening Feeding: Co-Pay-Free Contraception Starts Tomorrow For Many Americans

If you were thinking about buying some birth control pills or even getting an IUD inserted today, it might be the wise choice to wait until tomorrow (Double X)

New flesh eating disease victim dies. Was hospital to blame? (The Stir)

Dennis Rodman is writing a children’s book (Celeb Baby Laundry)

First haircut: getting rid of the mullet (Parents.com)

Nine lessons I learned from my divorce (Your Tango)

Essential tips for traveling as a couple (The Frisky)

How ya been, pin pals? (The Hairpin)

Color without compromise: changing the way we die our hair (YouBeauty)

U.S. women’s gymnastics team wins the gold  (HuffPo Women)

Trying to find diversity in a perfect neighborhood (Babble)

(Photo: motorolka/shutterstock.com)

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