Evening Feeding: 5 Foods That Quench Your Thirst Are A Godsend For Busy Moms

Summer means running around, carrying the groceries in one arm, the kid in the other, with the dog tied around your ankle (DoubleX)

Johnny Depp was “angry” and “frustrated” until he started a family (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Prepare for natural childbirth (Parents.com)

I can’t get over my divorce (YourTango)

Hilary Clinton doesn’t wear makeup in public and jerks freak out (The Frisky)

Girls I have loved for one moment (The Hairpin)

Can you beat genetics? (YouBeauty)

My mom is still an actress — I just stopped playing along (HuffPo Women)

We want to name our sperm donor (Babble)

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