Even Newt Gingrich Has A Mother

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I so dislike politicians that I’m suspicious when they display any humanity. Everyone else loved that moment in 2008 when Hillary Clinton cried right before the New Hampshire primary. I wondered if the tears had been focus grouped. But it totally worked. She went on to win the primary in that state.

And now Newt Gingrich has brought out the waterworks in Iowa. To talk about his mother. The Washington Times reports:

Wiping back tears at the memories, Newt Gingrich said Friday his now-deceased mother’s struggles with bipolar disorder and other ailments of aging helped form much of his public policy during his time in Congress.

… asked … to talk about an important moment with his mother, Kit Gingrich, and the former House speaker first recalled her singing in the choir — and admitted she had gotten him to sing in the choir as a boy, too. He said he still tears up over Christmas carols today.

But Mr. Gingrich then went on to talk about his mother’s health problems as she grew older, and said his work on Alzheimer’s Disease and long-term care developed out of that.

“It’s not a theory, it’s in fact my mother,” he said.

I suppose it’s good to remember that everyone has a mother. But will this work? Gingrich had been doing well in the polls but his support is dropping in recent days. Reuters reports that women who witnessed the rare personal moment had a mixed reaction:

“It’s just refreshing to see that,” said Kate Kennedy, 45, who is a Gingrich supporter. “A lot of candidates tend to be very … canned and very polished, where(as) this is really showing … himself as a real person, as a grandfather and father. And that was wonderful to see.”

Diane Patrick, 44, said she had been concerned about Gingrich’s record of ethics violations and marital woes. The event helped convince her that he was a “changed man”, she said, although she said she was not moved by his display of emotion.

“I’m still torn between him and Rick Santorum,” she said. Santorum has risen in the Iowa polls in recent days.

There’s still time for other politicians to cry about their mothers. Go out and get those voters, candidates!