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Eva Mendes Calls Sweatpants ‘Number One Cause Of Divorce’‏

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Eva Mendes has made a bit of a misstep in her life as a celebrity mother. She was interviewed recently about how things are going post-baby with boyfriend and co-parent, Ryan Gosling. She talked about the baby sleeping through the night and a photo-shoot where she self-deprecatingly referred to the good lighting and angles that helped her look amazing. And then, she stepped in a big pile of celeb mom doggie poop by saying that sweatpants around the house are a no-no and could cause divorce. You’re a brave one, Eva Mendes. It is not smart to come between a mom and her sweatpants. Even less smart to suggest that those sweatpants could hurt her marriage.

From her interview with Extra, here is the video:

[youtube_iframe id=”XigsG0Yy8vY”]

If you can’t watch the video, here is the quote that will have moms everywhere in an uproar:

Mendes also revealed to Calloway her secret rule for keeping Hollywood’s hottest leading man happy at home. “You can’t do sweatpants… ladies, number one cause of divorce in America, sweatpants, no!”

This comment might seem innocent enough and of course, Eva is entitled to her opinion and can handle her relationship with Ryan Gosling however she chooses. The problem is, for many new moms, just putting on pants at all is a victory. Most moms don’t have make-up and hair people to help us look amazing or a personal trainer to get us in good enough shape to want to wear something other than sweatpants. Also, if our spouses are going to divorce us over sweatpants, they are probably not worth being married to in the first place.

I do believe that making an effort with your appearance can help your own self-esteem and possibly, by extension, your marriage. I know if I feel good about myself, I am a better wife because I’m happier when I feel fit and attractive. However, the line is drawn at tailoring your wardrobe for the benefit of your husband’s boners. If you can’t be comfy at home, where can you? And who deserves to be comfy more than a busy mom?

New moms have a lot to deal with and often, that means a lot of guilt that they are short-changing other people in their lives as they learn to care for their baby. The last thing any of them need to hear is that they are going to mess up their marriage by donning sweatpants instead of a cute dress. It simply helps no one when celeb moms with tons of resources for looking attractive basically shame other moms for thinking about their own comfort instead of making their spouses happy. Next time, think before you speak, Eva. You didn’t lose me as a fan but me (and my sweatpants) won’t soon forget this crappy remark.

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