World’s Most Brilliant Airline Gives Free Nannies To People Traveling With Kids

kids-planesWhen it comes to contentious childrearing issues, the issue of taking children on airplanes is nearly as fraught as taking children to fancy restaurants. People really, really hate flying next to loud children, and the screaming airplane child is such a familiar trope that any child boarding a plane gets so much side-eye you’d think they were carrying a Red Bull and a drum kit.

But as much as nobody wants to sit near the loud baby, nobody wants to be the parent with the screaming baby either. And Ethiad Airlines has come up with a really good way to make parents choose their carrier: They made Mary Poppins real.

Ethiad Airlines has hired “Flying Nannies” to take care of and entertain children on long flights. According to The Daily Mail, the flying nannies warm up bottles, organize craft activities, and teach magic tricks to keep kids happy and occupied while their parents nap, work, or watch old sitcoms on in-flight TV.

“Flying with a young family can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced travelers, and the Flying Nanny role demonstrates our understanding of our guests’ needs and our commitment to making the journey as relaxing and comfortable as possible,” said Aubrey Tiedt, Etihad Airways’ vice president of guest services.

Also it’s free. When you board the plane, the nanny is just there like magic to help you if you need it. The nannies are specially trained in childcare, and they help all the families on the plane, not just the kids in first class.

A service like this could definitely make me pick one airline over another. Heck, I’m afraid of flying and have nowhere to be, but right now I want to book a flight somewhere just so Mary Poppins can entertain my baby for a few hours while I drink Champagne and watch My Name Is Earl on a tiny TV screen.

 Photo: Shutterstock

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