Escaped 4-Year-Old Drives to McDonald’s in a Toy BMW

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Four-year-olds are a terrifying combination big and tiny. They’re big enough to get into things and be sneaky and do bonkers shit, and they’re also small enough that they need constant supervision. On top of all that, they have no idea how small they are, and they think they can do stuff like drive cars and take care of themselves. This week, one four-year-old was spotted driving down a busy city street in a toy BMW, and he got nearly two miles away from home before someone stopped him.

According to Global Times, the four-year-old was spotted driving his toy BMW down a city street in Tainan, in Taiwan, at around 8 a.m. on Tuesday. He was about two miles away from his home when some people saw him driving along in his car and thought, “Oh, that’s just not right.” They managed to stop him and pull him over, and then they called police to tell them what they’d seen.

The little boy told police he was driving to McDonald’s to get some French fries.

Meanwhile, his poor mother was back home and had just woken up that morning to find that her son had disappeared. She must have been in such a panic! Normally when small children get up early, they do things like leap into their parents’ beds or play with toys or do any number of house-bound things. Usually the worst you have to worry about is that a kid might make a huge mess, not that they’ll go missing entirely.

Fortunately the little boy was picked up safely and returned to his poor, panicked mother. After scaring his mom like that, this kid is never going to be allowed to get a driver’s license for as long as he lives.