Teen Busted For Doing Exactly What We Teach Our Kids To Do When A Friend Is Drunk

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screenshot cbs __1381840898_74.134.205.46Oh man, this is so absurd. If you have a teenager like I do what do you tell them about drinking and driving? That they should never, ever ever ever (times a gazillion) drive while drinking or with a friend who has been drinking and that they should call home or call a sober friend to give them a ride. This is a lesson we tell our teenagers CONSTANTLY. It’s like the Number One Rule Of The parenting Teenagers Handbook. And that’s what happened when a friend texted 17-year-old Erin Cox,  captain of North Andover’s vollyball team, who was at a yogurt shop with some friends. The friend said she had been drinking and asked Erin for a ride. Excellent job girls! This is what you should do! So Erin drove to pick up her friend and was instead met by police who were busting up the party. From The Boston Herald:

They arrested a dozen underage drinkers and warned another 15 underage youths that they’d be summoned to court for drinking. Erin Cox was one of those told she’d be summoned for drinking — even though she wasn’t, even though Boxford police Officer Brian Neeley vouched for her sobriety in writing in a statement Erin’s mother, Eleanor, took to court Friday. She filed a lawsuit hoping to reverse the high school’s punishment: Erin was stripped of her captain’s position and suspended, mid-season, for five games.

Great job! Punish the sober girl for being an awesome friend and a role model for teens everywhere!

 Asked what she had learned, Erin Cox said, “I just feel very defeated. When you’re in high school you’re supposed to stay perfect and be perfect, but everyone makes mistakes.” Asked if, knowing what she knows now, she was mistaken to get her friend, she said she would do it all over again.

“It was the right thing,” she said.

Erin’s mother, Eleanor Cox, filed a lawsuit in the district court last week but the court told her that the school suspension was not under their jurisdiction.

I don’t know what can be done in this situation but I’m sure it’s just proving a nice, fat example to the kids who go to this school that if you do the right thing you could end up getting in trouble. I hope Erin knows there are a lot of us out there in the world who thinks she is a hero.

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