Shocking News Of The Day: Wealthy Dallas Socialite Busted For Peddling Child Porn

child pornographyThe term “wealthy Dallas socialite” usually conjures up images of bleach-blonde hair or, say, an A-list party-goer who’s secretly lonely and depressed. But rarely would you picture her hunched over a computer screen, swapping and collecting child pornography. But that seems to be the case for Erika Perdue, a 41-year-old socialite whom police arrested after discovering her rather shocking habit.

According to reports, agents raided Perdue’s $1.4 million mansion and found hordes of graphic videos and photos on her computer, including toddlers being raped by adults. Using the handle “Classybith,” Perdue had been distributing the files online nearly every day for more than a decade while her husband, a prominent attorney, worked.

Child pornography is just sickening no matter how you slice it. But I, for one, always pictured creepy men in the center of it all. That explains my complete and utter shock upon hearing this latest news. Turns out I’m not alone. The case has surprised even child advocates, who say it’s very rare for women to be arrested for child porn.

Catherine Smit-Torrez, who has worked in law enforcement investigating child abuse cases, told WFAA that women now have as much interest in child pornography. ”There are some women who have fascination with different sexes and different age groups,” she explained. ”A woman is supposed to be considered a mother who’s nurturing”¦ not someone who is selling images that can literally destroy a child’s life.”

Perdue lives directly across the street from a popular playground, though it’s believed that none of her victims are local. Meanwhile, Perdue’s Facebook page includes photos of a young girl who is presumably her daughter (thankfully, she is also reportedly not involved). Still, the fact that Perdue herself is a mother makes it all that more disturbing.

Perdue is charged with four counts of “shipping, receiving and possessing child pornography,” each punishable by ten years of federal prison time.


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