Epic Reader Comments Of The Week And Some Cats In Space

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This week is full of reminiscing about the holidays and family – and also what a pain in the ass people are this time of year. Is it really only the first week of December? Does it even seem possible that we have almost an entire month of the “holiday season” ahead of us? For some reason I’m already burnt out on it and I haven’t even brought a tree home yet. Or any presents.

Our readers are wise. I want to needlepoint some of these on a pillow – I really do. I threw in some cats in space because, Happy Holidays!



NicknamesAreDull Mommyish Gift Guide:10 Gifts For Kids That Will Keep Them Busy Long Enough For You To Pee Alone



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Roberta 8 Ways To Kill Christmas With Childproofing

This interaction on the same childproofing post killed me:

ktbay …If a Christmas tree is what takes the kid out, then maybe she wasn’t meant for this life.

Allyson_et_al That’s NOT funny!!!! My friend’s sister’s husband’s cousin’s precious snowflake was crushed by a falling Christmas tree when she was 12 and her parents thought it would finally be safe to put one up. She had never seen one before (because her parents LOVED her), and didn’t know not to climb it. Clearly you don’t love your child! You probably don’t even have her car seat properly installed!!

ktbay You’re right. I can’t stand her already and she hasn’t even been born. I’ve only given up all the wonderful things in life for the last 33 weeks so I can come off as some kind of martyr, but I secretly have plans to throw her into the the Thunderdome. At this point I don’t even have her car seat installed because I like to live on the wild side. But when I do, it’s totally going in the front seat, so I can easily pass her a joint.





NIcknamesAreDull Mommyish Gift Guide: 9 Christmas Gift Ideas For New Moms

Perhaps this one needs some context:

“My best friend made my baby disappear for an afternoon. It was the best gift, ever. At the time, I didn’t care if she fed my daughter beer and gave her cigarettes*, I was so grateful to have time with just my husband.

*Unless it was crappy beer. No one should start a baby on Miller Lite.”


gothicgaelicgirl Homebirth Dads In Drag Calendar Is Supposed To Be Funny, But Is Instead Insulting  I love the rage expressed here. I really do.

And… more cats.


No kitties were injured during the composition of these amazing photos.