These End of School Year Tweets Prove the Struggle Is Real for All of Us

It’s finally time to bid adieu to the school year. At least, for some of us. Many are already celebrating the last day of school while others are still barely holding on for a few more weeks. And if you head over to Twitter, you’ll find a barrage of posts from disgruntled teens whining about the extra work their teachers are assigning, or how they haven’t gotten their grades yet. One thing’s for sure though: it’s not just kids that are D-O-N-E. And these end of school year tweets prove that the struggle is real for all of us.

Like this mom who just wants to go back to the good ol’ days:

Or this parent who has had it with her son’s preferred way of celebrating the end of the year:

And this mom who already knows how it’s gonna go down:

But this parent puts it even better:

I totally feel this and mine is just in preschool (but sadly…happily? has NO summer break):

This too (because drop off can be a total pain in the butt sometimes):

This poor mom is feeling all the guilt about losing her kid’s graduation present:

And this mom is just basically ready to call it quits, envying all those whose kids are finally done:

This mom’s kids already started vacation and she, like many of us, already obviously needs one herself:

Otherwise known as hell (and also: does anyone ever play Hot Cross Buns and/or the recorder after elementary school):

When you’re glad your kid is finally excited about something:

This dad knows this is anything but good news:

This mom has the right idea of what to do when her kids start to overstay their welcome:

No…no, wait. THIS mom has the right idea:

Actually, that mom is definitely tied with this mom for being most awesome and understanding that the end of the year isn’t just hard on her or the kiddos:

This parent is just totally done with their kids, too. I can understand why:

(Image: iStock / monkeybusinessimages)

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