Emmy-Winner Kate Winslet: ‘You Never Stop Needing Your Mom’

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I’m a total wuss when it comes to acceptance speeches, which is why last night’s Emmys made me cry. Repeatedly.

It all started with The Good Wife‘s Julianna Margulies, who won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series. “To my spectacular husband: I love being your good wife,” Margulies said. She then went on to thank him – and their son – for putting up with her long hours and for doing so with such grace. It all sounded so heartfelt and it kind of made me want to jump into the screen and hug her for being one of those down-to-earth moms who so clearly appreciates her family.

Celebrity moms often get a lot of flack for being rich. Yes, they can afford nannies and sitters and private tutors and whatever else their heart desires, but that doesn’t change the fact they are mothers who, dare I say it, are often balancing the demands of career with family (just like us). Margulies hinted at this last night and, I must admit, I am loving her for it.

Meanwhile, Kate Winslet also caused the tears to flow when she scored an Emmy for Mildred Pierce. Sure, she was overly-dramatic and kind of annoying, but no matter. Her sentiment was lovely.

“Mildred Pierce was capable of great acts of love as a mother, but she was an extraordinary multitasker. And to that end, I actually do have to share this with my mum. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do with your life, you never stop needing your mum. And I’ll never stop needing mine. So thanks, mum.”

So, so true! This is only somewhat related, but it reminds me of a conversation I had just last week with the owner of my Bikram studio, Janice. I noticed half-way through class that she had a rather large tattoo on her arm. I inquired about it and she told me that she just got the tattoo over the weekend, that it holds a very special spiritual meaning to her and that it’s something she’s been wanting to do for a while. Then she blurted out, “I am horrified for my mom to see it – she is going to FREAK out!” Did I mention that Janice is 51 years old?

It just goes to show that no matter how old we get and no matter we accomplish, we’re forever wanting to please our mothers. And, as Winslet pointed out last night, we never stop needing them.

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