Emily Blunt Says Parenting Is A ‘Fear-Based Industry,’ And My Anxiety Level Tells Me She’s Right

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Emily Blunt National Board of Review Awards NEw York City NY January 8 2013Before I delve into the main topic of this post, I’d just like to thank whatever delightful, tea-sipping English angels created One Emily Blunt because she is an absolute peach. Each time she gives an interview, I’m reminded of my love and admiration for her because she is, in a word, scrumtrulescent. Truly. Heck, the entire first paragraph of her latest interview with Net-A-Porter magazine solely focuses on the fact that every A-list celebrity (and commoner) is obsessed with being her friend. Emily Blunt is, to be quite frank/incredibly obnoxious/age-inappropriate, bae.

On today’s parenting philosophies:

“[Raising children] is such a fear-based industry,” says the actress. “There used to be one book that everyone read, now there’s How to Raise a Gluten-free Baby, How to Raise a Scientific Baby… It’s insanity! So I haven’t read anything, I’m just letting her do her own thing.”

Yes. YES. As someone who has just begun the trying-to-conceive process (I’m currently in the Let’s Maybe Lose A Little Weight Before We Gain A Ton Of It phase), I’m kinda overwhelmed right now and literally speaking, there isn’t even anything to be overwhelmed about! Everyone has a different method or criticism about “the best” way to do this and that. Have you seen those Facebook memes that show maggots living in baby food pouches?! The fear struggle is real. I have relatives and coworkers who swear by breastfeeding, making their own baby food, processed food, soy formula, cloth diapers and regular diapers.The “right” and “wrong” ways to feed, clothe, bathe, and raise your children have already been pounded into my head and given me at least a dozen mini-panic attacks when I stop and consider how many times I’m going to be judged in the future. I can only imagine how drastically my anxiety will increase when I am actually a mother. Thankfully, I’m good at flushing everyone else’s nonsense out of my head after awhile (s/o to my therapist Jessica for the validation).

Anyway, it’s just nice to hear a female celebrity say something substantial about parenting, instead of the usual pandering. Sign me up for the Blunt-Krasinski Way Of Parenting 101, please.

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