If You’re Pregnant With A Baby Boy, His Testes Were Once Little Ovaries

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embryonic developmentWhen I was in the 10th grade, we had that extended anatomy lesson that resulted in snickers and puzzled faces. No, not sex ed. Not necessarily, anyway. Upon getting our more detailed lesson about embryonic development (across many species), my sophomore biology teacher explained to us that up until a certain point, boys are girls. Kind of.

AsapScience’s “We Are All Female,” condenses that entire lesson into a clip of just under two minutes — and hits many of the same fun facts I remember squinting at on the school projector. In fact, I just about flashed back to that very room at the whole drooping of ovaries to become testes and pre-clitorises ultimately becoming penises. What was definitely not in my old high school lesson, however, was AsapScience’s take on why men have nipples — a burning question in all of us, I’m sure.

According to the series, the nips are a holdover from when we all were female in the womb. But once that Y chromosome kicks in, according to them, hormones prevent baby boys from getting all the necessary goodies to develop breasts later on. So be reminded of that as you plop your baby boy in his bath tub and wash that scrotal raphe.

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