Most Embarrassing Mom Ever Sues Justin Bieber For Causing Hearing Damage During Concert

Kids and their loud music, right? One mom is taking that age-old complaint all the way to the court room. After attending a Justin Bieber concert with her teenage daughter, Stacey Wilson Betts says that she developed tinnitus and hearing damage. The mom is now suing the pop star for over $9 million.

It wasn’t just that the concert was loud, says Betts, it was that the Biebs was encouraging the kids to keep screaming.

He swung out over the crowd and a “frenzy of screams” ensued, allegedly causing permanent damage to her ears. Bieber “created a wave-like effect of screaming by pointing into various sections of the arena,” the lawsuit claims. And the gondola then acted as a “sound conductor creating a sound blast,” resulting in tinnitus and other hearing damage.

Really? He pointed and encouraged the audience to scream? Like, ya know, every other musician who has ever performed in front of a live audience?

Forgive me for belittling Betts’s damaged ear drums, but I’m failing to see how anything about this concert was different from every other music concert that ever happened. How was all this loud noise unexpected?

This lawsuit seems pretty ridiculous to me, but there is one amusing aspect of the publicity plea. Let’s all think about the drama going on between Stacey Wilson Betts and her teen daughter right now. Let’s think of all the ways that this teenager is telling her mother, “You’re ruining my life!”

I used to get embarrassed when my mother cheered too loud at a basketball game at my high school. The thought of your mom suing your teen heart-throb is mortifying in a way that I don’t even think my teenage-self could’ve comprehended. That would’ve been like my mom suing Zack Morris for his witty over-confidence and charming smirk-like grin. I would’ve died.

The world will be mocking this woman for weeks for making such a frivolous lawsuit. But her daughter will be resenting her for years to come. And there’s no legal solution for that.

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