Welcome To The Stay-At-Home Club: Elton John Giving Up Career For Babies

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Stay-at-home parenting is nothing new to an entire community of moms and dads. Even celebrities tend to keep working while pregnant and raising young children. So when Elton John recently announced that he may leave the music industry to become a full-time dad, it was a bit of a surprise.

“I don’t want to miss part of his childhood,” John said of his 2-year-old son, Zachary, born to him and his partner David Furnish via a surrogate mother. For now, he says that he will continue to work, but when Zachary goes to school, he’ll reconsider his options.

It seems a little curious that a man with a flexible-ish work schedule and a very generous salary to raise a child on would leave something he evidently loves. Now at the end of his very notable career, perhaps the  “Bennie and the Jets” singer wishes to prioritize a more family-centric kind of life. Perhaps he and his partner’s talk of having another child means that Elton needs to hold back on the recording studio for awhile. Two children and a world-touring husband can certainly put a strain on any couple with young kids.

At the age of 66, maybe it is time for Elton John to retire and become a family man.

(Photo: WENN)