Elizabeth Hurley Hocking Sexy Swimwear To 6-Year-Olds

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Elizabeth Hurley is selling very adult looking swimwear to little girls that is ‘great for girls who want to look grown up.’ The “Colette” bikini, available in sizes eight-13, features a gold ring and cheetah ruffle trim that would be a perfectly acceptable bathing suit for someone ten years older. And it gets much worse with her designs for girls under the age of eight. Lots of skimpy bikinis in animal prints. Tiny models posed with their hands on their hips.

When Elizabeth Hurley was accused of sexualizing young girls her spokesperson came back with these zingers:

A spokesman for Miss Hurley said: ‘We are in our fourth year of selling kids’ beach kit.

‘Our collections sell extremely well in Harrods and in numerous stores across America and the  Middle East.

‘Most of our customers are repeat customers who report that their kids adore the designs.’

Yeah! See, it’s totally okay to sexualize young girls if the bathing suits sell well at Harrods and if little girls want to wear them. As every mom knows, small children always have the best judgement. If I let my daughter do everything she wanted we would eat cupcakes for every meal and be featured on an episode of Animal Hoarders with 3,000 cats. Kids are kids for such a small window of time and I believe that when choosing swimwear for your kid, parents should be more concerned with comfort and safety over fashion. Our daughters don’t need to be sexy or fashionable at age six when visiting the pool or beach.

From The Daily Mail:

Yesterday a number of campaigners accused Miss Hurley, 47, who has a ten-year-old son, of encouraging inappropriate behaviour.

Claude Knight, director of the child protection charity Kidscape, said: ‘It is very disturbing to see some inappropriate items in this swimwear range.

‘The pieces that are very adult and which contribute to the sexualisation of young girls – especially in the poses portrayed – do not take account of the child protection concerns that have been well-aired.’

Elizabeth Hurley has been known for her own skimpy wardrobe and penchant for showing off her figure, and as an adult woman she can do so. Even though I’m not a fan of  Elizabeth Hurley I do think she is gorgeous and grownup girls can do what they want. But kids are not adults and this swimwear line is tacky and definitely not age-appropriate. Girls have more than enough pressure as preteens and teenagers in regard to their looks and their bodies, and I think we need to let them just be kids for as long as possible. A skimpy bikini doesn’t serve any purpose on a young kid, other than being a reflection of the parent’s own taste in fashion. And making Elizabeth Hurley just a little bit more wealthy.

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