Elizabeth Banks Welcomes A Second Adorably-Named Son In Under Two Years Via Surrogate

elizabeth banksIt was just a year and a half ago that Elizabeth Banks and her husband were welcoming their first little one, Felix, into the world. Now, they’ve announced the birth of their second son. Like his brother, this little guy was born via surrogate. Also like his brother, he has an adorably retro-yet-totally-trendy name that induces that scrunchy “That’s the cutest thing ever” face in women everywhere.

Welcome to the world, Magnus Mitchell Handelman.

She announced the birth on her website, writing:

”As 2012 winds down and Thanksgiving approaches, I have much for which to be thankful personal, professional, and Presidential.”

”However, nothing can match the joy and excitement my husband and I felt when we recently welcomed our second baby boy, Magnus Mitchell Handelman.”

Banks went on to thank her family and friends, as well as the Center for Surrogate Parenting. The actress has been extremely outspoken about her experience with surrogacy. After Felix’s birth, she referred to her first surrogate as being “like an Auntie,” and still involved in their family’s lives. During this birth announcement, she said about using a surrogate, “This experience has exceeded all expectations, taught us a great deal about generosity and gratitude, and established a relationship that will last a lifetime.” There’s no news on whether or not they used the same surrogate the second time around. Either way, it’s been refreshing to see such a vocal advocate for an amazing process that doesn’t always receive the recognition and respect it deserves.

The actress and her husband obviously made a conscious decision to have their children very close in age. They will definitely have their hands full with two little boys under the age of two. The Hunger Games actress joked that she expects, ”a decade or more of close hand to hand combat.” And I can imagine that it will be wonderful for little Felix and Magnus to always have a playmate.

Banks hasn’t indicated whether or not she’s still planning on adding more to her growing family. I have to admit that I’m hoping she does, strictly because I love hearing the baby names she picks out. I already want to know just what she would pick should Felix and Magnus ever get a little sister.

(Photo: Starbux / WENN)

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