Elizabeth Banks Upgrades Herself To ‘Real Mom’ Status Now That She Has 2 Kids

shutterstock_114157204Oh, how we have been down this road before. What is it about some parents claiming that they’re “really a mom” now that they have multiple munchkins in the home? Like families raising one kid, demi-parents really, are just kicking back on vacation while that one kid raises him or herself. Sadly, surrogacy advocate Elizabeth Banks has revealed herself to be an outspoken member of the I’m-really-mom-with-my-two-kids club.

People magazine reports that the actress, who recently welcomed a second son, Magnus Mitchell Handelman, in November, was stuck over the December holidays without any “help.” So she and her husband had to care for two children all by themselves. And it was “crazy,” guys:

”[We] had no help, no nannies, no babysitters. It was crazy. You forget how difficult it is to wake up in the middle of the night, how exhausting it is,” she admits, adding being a hands-on mom took on a whole new meaning. ”I lost all my nails. I did dishes and cleaned bottles for 10 days so I lost all those nails!”

Aside from having an epiphany about how “exhausting” looking after two children without any hired help is, Elizabeth also fancies herself a capital “R” mother:

”Two is very different from one. When you have one kid, you feel like you can jet set around and you can throw him on the hip and you get your life done,” Banks told PEOPLE at the launch of babyGap’s Peter Rabbit collection at Gap at The Grove in L.A. Saturday.

”You don’t realize how easy one is until you have two. Now I’m really a mom. Oh, I am a mom now! This is for serious ”” I am responsible for two people now.”

If you can dig your way through Elizabeth’s privilege, you can certainly hear some worthwhile realizations. Looking down and realizing that you’ve just doubled the amount of lives you need to protect is quite the wake up call. But using that experience by which to quantify “real motherhood” is sketchy terrain.

(photo: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

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