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Elizabeth Banks Is ‘Slightly Miserable’ Over Her Own Work Life Balance Configuration

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Elizabeth BanksIn another instance of “different strokes for different folks,” “the grass is always greener,” and whatever other adage that can be applied to different parenting arrangements, Elizabeth “Really A Mom” Banks isn’t too pleased with hers at the moment.

The mother of two tells Marie Claire that, sure, she has a lot going professionally. She’s a 39-year-old with two children under the age of two, her own company, Brownstone Productions, a full-time acting career, and as of late, directing and producing credits. Nevertheless, she doesn’t sound too happy about the current “work life balance” configuration she has fashioned for herself:

“First of all, I have a home office. I have two kids, and it means I get to put them down for their naps and be the person they wake up to,” she declares. “When I’m actressing, which is my day job, and which I’m doing right now, I leave the house at 4:30 in the morning five days a week and I get home at 6, and hope to get two hours with them before they go to bed. So I’m slightly miserable about that.”

It’s also worth noting that the reporter describes Banks as sounding “most like her character on 30 Rock” in person. So perhaps there’s a pinch of Avery Jessup sarcasm in that delivery?

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