Elizabeth Banks Isn’t Letting ‘Baby Brain’ Stop Her

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Its personal choice whether to go back to work or stay home after having a little one. Elizabeth Banks is learning that its not an easy decision to make. The new mom admitted that she’s having a hard time balancing her family and her job, but that doesn’t mean she is shutting down.

We have all been there, a couple months after your little one is born, when your head in torn in a million different directions and you’re simply trying to make it to nap time, then dinner, then bedtime, then the weekend. It’s a blur that three years later, I still don’t fully recall.

And Banks is right, you never know just how much you can do until you throw motherhood in to the mix. The actress says,

“The thing about motherhood is it’s a full-time job and everything else gets piled onto it. I don’t think I ever really understood that until it came into my life. You put so much of your brain energy, and your emotional and psychological energy into, ‘Where is he? What is he doing?’ that it’s almost hard to concentrate on anything else.”

While we all can relate to this stressful feeling, I’m happy to see the actress work through it. She has a new movie coming out and two more on the way. She’s demonstrates that a woman can continue working and still be concerned about her family. Overall, I feel like she’s giving a realistic picture of the struggle to keep working, even when your home-life gets hectic. And I appreciate her admitting that its not always easy.

Good luck Elizabeth!  And I’m sure you’re tiring of hearing this, but don’t worry, you’ll get some sleep soon!

(Photo: Access Hollywood)