A Devout EC Mom Tells Mommyish What The Press Is Getting Wrong

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I read your blog post where you said that the reporter misquoted you on babies going to the bathroom outside. Please elaborate and clarify.

My full quote was “Sometimes the thrill of being able to go outside and pee is just what they need!  Alas  the city makes that difficult for most.” It is common potty training advice to just turn your kids loose in your backyard.  I’ve heard it from many grandmothers and read it all over the internet.  But obviously this is disrespectful and problematic if you don’t own the property your kids are peeing all over.

Contrary to what the authors made it seem, I do NOT take my kids to pee all over the city, and certainly not poop.  If I am caught without a potty nearby (usually in a park) I always have a diaper on me and will just have my child pee into the diaper. That is what they are for!  She just doesn’t need to sit in it.

The restaurant story was also incorrect:

“The other day we accidentally left the house without putting her in a diaper before going to a restaurant,” Longwell-Stevens said. “We peed her on the sidewalk, but she wouldn’t go. Then we tucked a pre-fold [cloth diaper] under her [at the restaurant table]. We were in a place where we didn’t want her to go and we didn’t want people talking about it.”

Here is the actual story:  We accidently left the house without putting her in a diaper yes.  She was close to 100 percent with using the potty at home so we decided to try it.  Every newly potty trained kid has their first great adventure out of the house!  At one point on our walk, and of course far from any bathroom, she said she had to pee.  So I held her over a diaper on the sidewalk by the curb but she didn’t go.  When we went into the restaurant I took her to the bathroom where she still didn’t go.  I knew she was going to pee soon but was being toddler contrary.   I wasn’t going to risk an accident so we put the diaper ON her while we were eating.  That was a rare incident and one that taught us that this child wasn’t ready to be out of the house without a diaper!

The point of that story was not to discuss where and how I take my child to go pee in public.  Rather to explain how I do use diapers.  How sometimes I know my daughter is going to pee and she, in all her toddler wisdom, vehemently says NO.  And so in those moments I throw a diaper on her.  Because it’s about the communication more than the elimination.

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